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Welcome to the Environment Agency's online River Thames conditions update service which displays our current advice to river users. We display warning boards at our locks to inform river users of conditions that may make navigating difficult and dangerous.

This page shows our current advice for each reach of the river between Cricklade and Teddington. We will update this information regularly when warning boards are being displayed at locks and as river conditions change. You can also sign up to our email and RSS service if you would like to receive updates.

Lechlade to Oxford Back to Map

ReachCurrent conditions
Upstream of St John's LockCaution stream increasing
St John's Lock to Buscot LockCaution stream decreasing
Buscot Lock to Grafton LockCaution stream increasing
Grafton Lock to Radcot LockCaution strong stream
Radcot Lock to Rushey LockCaution strong stream
Rushey Lock to Shifford LockCaution stream increasing
Shifford Lock to Northmoor LockCaution stream increasing
Northmoor Lock to Pinkhill LockCaution stream increasing
Pinkhill Lock to Eynsham LockCaution stream increasing
Eynsham Lock to King's LockCaution stream increasing
King's Lock to Godstow LockCaution stream increasing
Godstow Lock to Osney LockCaution stream decreasing
Osney Lock to Iffley LockCaution stream increasing

Oxford to Henley Back to Map

ReachCurrent conditions
Iffley Lock to Sandford LockCaution stream increasing
Sandford Lock to Abingdon LockCaution stream increasing
Abingdon Lock to Culham LockCaution stream increasing
Culham Lock to Clifton LockCaution strong stream
Clifton Lock to Day's LockCaution stream increasing
Day's Lock to Benson LockCaution stream increasing
Benson Lock to Cleeve LockCaution stream decreasing
Cleeve Lock to Goring LockCaution stream increasing
Goring Lock to Whitchurch LockCaution strong stream
Whitchurch Lock to Mapledurham LockCaution stream increasing
Mapledurham Lock to Caversham LockCaution stream increasing
Upstream of Blake's LockCaution stream increasing
Caversham Lock to Sonning LockCaution strong stream
Sonning Lock to Shiplake LockCaution stream increasing
Shiplake Lock to Marsh LockCaution strong stream
Marsh Lock to Hambleden LockCaution strong stream

Henley to Teddington Back to Map

ReachCurrent conditions
Hambleden Lock to Hurley LockCaution strong stream
Hurley Lock to Temple LockCaution strong stream
Temple Lock to Marlow LockCaution strong stream
Marlow Lock to Cookham LockCaution stream increasing
Cookham Lock to Boulters LockCaution stream increasing
Boulters Lock to Bray LockCaution stream increasing
Bray Lock to Boveney LockCaution strong stream
Boveney Lock to Romney LockCaution stream increasing
Romney Lock to Old Windsor LockCaution strong stream
Old Windsor Lock to Bell Weir LockCaution stream increasing
Bell Weir Lock to Penton Hook LockCaution stream decreasing
Penton Hook Lock to Chertsey LockCaution strong stream
Chertsey Lock to Shepperton LockCaution stream decreasing
Shepperton Lock to Sunbury LockCaution strong stream
Sunbury Lock to Molesey LockCaution stream decreasing
Molesey Lock to Teddington LockCaution stream decreasing

Likely outlook


Yellow stream warning boards are displayed at a majority of sites with many reaches showing Red stream warning boards.  Flows are starting to decrease.  The forcast for today is dull but dry.  Dry overall for the weekend with sunny spells on Saturday turning dull again Sunday.


Caution strong stream
We advise users of all boats not to navigate because the strong flows make it difficult and dangerous.
Caution stream increasing
We advise users of all unpowered boats not to navigate and users of powered boats to find a safe mooring. This is because river flows are likely to strengthen and red boards could be displayed very soon and without warning.
Caution stream decreasing
We advise users of all unpowered boats not to navigate and users of powered boats to navigate with caution.


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This information is also available on Floodline. Call 0345 988 1188 or 0845 988 1188 and select option 1, followed by quick dial number 011131 to hear recorded information and advice.


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